Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 6

Today was a long drive! If you drive to get to Arizona I really suggest knowing the areas with stops because I can now say from experience if you drink lots of water and there are no stops for an hour or so it REALLY sucks! I saw some beautiful country today though. All the red rock through Red Rock Canyon and Zion National park was so beautiful! We got to Lake Powell Resort around 7:00pm and I took that picture above as soon as I got to the room. I wish that I could stay here another night to really enjoy the beauty of this place. It's like a tropical paradise but with no palm trees. As much as I would like to stay it's going to be so nice to get to our new house in Mesa. It's now almost 10:00 pm here and about 85 outside which is so perfect! I'm going to finish my pineapple and get some shut eye because tomorrow is going to be another long drive! I will leave you with a quote I read today "Eyes that look are common, Eyes that SEE are rare" J. Oswald Sanders Goodnight! :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 5

Interesting things that have happened so far: (This post will be shorter...I think)
  • My brothers found a frog in their room last night
  • My mom found me a cute purple pony eraser in a parking lot
  • We stopped at a Dairy Queen in Utah which was honestly not a very great experience
  • On a good note though because of our bad food the manager gave us a full refund :)
  • I somehow managed to burn my pillow with a mirror lol
  • On a serious note we saw a really bad accident here in Utah, my prayers are with everyone involved
  • My prayers are also with anyone effected by the fire in New Mexico
  • When we arrived we got to spin a Wheel Of Fortune and won Truffles and water
  • Our hotel tonight had a water slide which my youngest brother was very excited about
  • We got a chance to see our cousin David
  • Lastly we got to eat out at Chili's (was my first time) and I thought it was GREAT!
Over all it's been a good trip so far, only two more days and we will be in AZ!

I forgot to mention on yesterdays post about one of our stops. We stopped at the 50000 Silver Dollar Bar and Grill in Montana which I highly recommend to anyone passing through.

I"m also going to post a video on here of my Great Grandma playing her guitar :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 4

The Picture above is of lake Coeur d'alene. We left Deer park early this morning and traveled through Idaho and now we have landed in Montana for the night. Traveling like this has made me realize just how beautiful the land is and how peaceful it seems. I think its good to take time to look at your scenery and really appreciate the beauty around you. I also realized you really shouldn't take for granted the people in your life. They may be here for just a moment or for years but no matter how long you should love them while you can. Take in every moment and savor it. Take a mental picture and keep it forever.

Day 1-3

We left Redmond Washington on Friday June 24th and started heading towards Arizona. First stop, Deer Park, Spokane! It was so good to see my Nana, Papa, and Great Grandma. Grandma made lots of food for us and I will now have a lasting memory of Grandma playing her guitar, my family and I singing songs around a camp fire, reading The Daily Bread on Sunday, and making s'mores. The first picture is of daisies in the field at my Nana and Papa's property, the second is of their front field, third is of my brother Caleb, Grandma, my Mom, and myself, and the last is of us leaving.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Home Is Where The Heart Is

There are many stages in a persons life and soon I will be transitioning from one stage to another. It can be a little scary not knowing what is going to happen next but also very exciting like a mini adventure. For anyone who doesn't know I will be moving to Arizona from Washington state later this month. Seeing pictures of the new house got me thinking though home truly is where the heart is. Simple structure of a house doesn't make it a home. It's the memories, the laughs, and your family that make a home. I was also thinking about how much it sucks to say goodbye! Why do we have to say goodbye? I'm starting to think we don' some other countries there isn't even a word for goodbye it's just a "see you later" or "until tomorrow". So I'm not looking at this new little adventure of mine as if I have to say goodbye to my family, friends and memories anymore. It's just a see you later.