Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Been Awhile...

Just a few highlights of whats been going on and a few thoughts.

We got a tortoise! :) I think his name is Congo but I could be wrong. I've been on the lookout for churches to go to and visited one last week, not sure if I'll go there but it was a good service. I'm on the hunt for a car and a mattress. Right now I'm sleeping on an airbed. Once I have a car and a job there is no harm in taking myself out right? After all Tuesdays are dollar night at the theater...and honestly there is no better way to meet a guy then when you are out and about on your own :) I'm so excited that Sharpie has finally made fabric markers! It's always been a dream of mine to make custom shirts, bags, hats, and whatnot, I'll admit I've even thought of maybe selling custom things like that on Etsy. I hope they will end up making more colors too! It's so fun when you go out and someone asks you where you got something and you can say "oh I made it" :) Just got Netflix and I must say I love it!! The fact that I can now watch Mad Men just makes me so happy. One more random thoughts;Happiness is found in giving and doing things for others not in receiving and getting things. So therefore you can't make yourself happy until you make someone else happy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DIY: Silhouettes

For a fun decorative idea make some silhouettes to frame and hang up. You could do them of your family, friends, animals, or whatever you'd like.

What you will need:
Card stock or Watercolor paper
Black craft paper
Drawing paper
picture frame

1.Using a pencil draw the image you would like to use for your silhouette. If your doing family or friends you can have them sit and cast their shadow on your drawing paper. You can find images on the internet to give you ideas.

2.Cut Card stock or watercolor paper to fit your frame and set aside

3.Place your drawing over the black craft paper and using a pen trace the image using just enough pressure to indent the black craft paper with your image.

4.Use the scissors to cut out your image from the black craft paper. If you have small details you my want to use either nail scissors or hair cutting scissors.

5.Glue your cut out silhouette to the card stock or watercolor paper.

6.Place the card stock or watercolor paper with your silhouette glued on it in your frame. Place the back of the frame back on and enjoy :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Room Almost Done

My mom and I have worked all weekend long to paint the walls, build the book shelf and new bed and it's finally done :) There are a few more little things I would like to do to my room to pull it all together but for now the bulk is done! A few random other things I did this weekend were try a Teriyaki Turkey Burger from Carl's Jr. and it was AMAZING! I really liked probably wasn't any better for you than a regular burger but it was delicious. I purchased The Simpsons movie and Premonition at the Albertsons across the street because the have a bin of buy two movies for ten dollars which I think is a pretty good deal. I normally like to find movies at Ross because they are super cheap and sometimes you can find a great one. Today I think my mom, Craig and I are going to go look at mattress sets for the new bed. Soon I will be looking for a car too. So much is going to be changing soon and I'm kinda excited for it! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Giant Beetle!

Today while in the pool I found this beetle called a Palo Verde beetle. It was creepy just because it was so's the biggest one I’ve seen anyway. I'm still busy just running around town making errands. Today my mom and I were looking for a steamer to help us get the nasty wallpaper out of her bathroom. It really not that reminds me of a late 80’s early 90's wedding; Pastel pink and a weird purple-blue floral print. The house was built in the early 90's so I’m not surprised. My mom and I started painting my room. I choose this color Sweet Rhapsody for two walls then the other two will be white. My color scheme is mostly black and white, this tiffany blueish color, and hot pink.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Twenty Of My Favorite Songs From My Playlist

I thought I would share some of my favorite songs from my playlist and add a little anecdote for why I like that particular song.

Bluebird~Christina Perri: I love the tone of her voice!

California King Bed~Rihanna: I like that its softer than most of Rihanna's songs.

Deer In the Headlights~Owl City: I love Owl City the songs are just CUTE! and the lyrics in this song are unique.

Don't~Shania Twain: A love song, it's sad and you can hear the sincerity in her voice that makes it feel real.

Firework~Katy Perry: It's no secret that I love all of Katy Perry's music. This song is just a good song. It makes you feel good like you can do anything!

U Can't Touch This~MC Hammer: I love to wake up and listen to this song. It makes me smile, laugh and puts me in a good mood to start the day.

I Don't Believe You~Pink: Another sad love song where I can hear the emotion. Pink is another one of my favorite female artists and this song makes me feel and I like that.

I Never Told You~Colbie Caillet: Again a sad love song but this one has regret in it.

Kerosene~Miranda Lambert: This song is just how I feel sometimes about relationships.

Last Friday Night~Katy Perry: I loved this song from the first time I heard it! The music video is so funny too!

Make You Feel My Love~Adele: This song is just who I am. "When the rain is blowing in your face and the whole world is on your case, I could offer you a warm embrace" That's exactly how I am in all my relationships. So I can relate to this song.

Man Down~Rihanna: This song is about a girl who gets assaulted and she snaps and gets a gun. You can hear the remorse. Again it's a sad song but it is very real. Things like this happen.

Miss Me~Andy Grammer: "I know there will come a time when I look you in the eyes and say I told you so" hasn't there been a time when we all felt like that
or wished we could say that to someone!

Moment 4 Life~ Nicki Minaj: I know some people don't like her but I love this song because in life it's right where I'm at. I wish this time of my life would never end.

Nobody's Perfect~Jessie J: I LOVE the music video for this! It's weird and different which I always like. This song is about lessons learned in a relationship and wishing that you could take something back.

The One That Got Away~Katy Perry: I can't even explain why I like this song so much i just do! It's not on the radio and over played which makes it better.

Price Tag~Jessie J: This song just puts a smile on my face :)

Radioactive~Kings Of Leon: Makes me think of summer at home. Going back to place where you were raised.

Summerboy~Lady Gaga: A good summer fling song

Wouldn't it be nice~Beach Boys: Its a Beach Boys song nuff said :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cute Organization

I've seen how girls display their necklaces with a cork board before and I just absolutely loved the idea! So I decided to do that with my own :) I love how they can't turn into a nasty tangled mess now. I will probably paint the board white later but for now my necklaces will be tangle free! My other idea for my rings was to display them in a candy dish. I love rings, they are probably my favorite accessory especially cocktail ones the crazier the better :) Anyway they are like my little pieces of hand candy and so I thought no sweeter way then to display them in a candy dish. I got the cork board at Micheal's and the candy dish at Value Village for four dollars which is way cheaper than the ones I found online. While I was at value village I also got a silver dish/tray to display my perfumes. I love all things cute, girly, feminine, and sweet so I just thought these ideas would add to my work in progress Parisian boudoir style bedroom.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

I've been told not to sweat the small stuff several times. Most of the time I just think to my self “Yeah ok." It's very true though! If you spend all your time getting frustrated over things that yeah maybe at the time seem big but when you really look at the whole scheme of things are really quite small it's honestly a waste of energy. You could let things get to you and ruin your whole day but who wants to live like that. I know I sure don't! I'm just as guilty of this though. Being in Arizona has really gotten me to think though if I can change my way of thinking and not let little things get to me I will be just that much happier. Today for instance a frozen bottle of water fell and hit my foot and for a split seconded I thought to myself "Great so this is the kind of day I’m going to have." I stopped and then decided no I’m not going to let a little pain like that ruin my day. Most of the time it's silly things like that that we let set the tone for how the rest of our day is going to go and it's not a healthy way to live. So when something small happens and you get the thoughts in your head that your going to have a bad day freeze, erase that thought and say to yourself no I’m going to have a good day!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

This Or That Survey

I'm bored and haven't done one of these since I was on Myspace hahaha which was forever ago!

Coke or Pepsi? Coke

Regular pool or heated pool? Regular

Hot tea or ice tea? Ice Tea

Sunflower or daisy? daisy

Red rose or pink rose? pink

Salt or pepper? salt

Red or Green Apple? green

Red or Blue? red

Christmas or Thanksgiving? Christmas

Pink or Green? Pink

Hamburger or Hotdogs? burgers

Music or Movies? movies

Heaven or hell? heaven

Comedy or horror? comedy

aol or aim? aol

ipod or mp3? ipod

Purse or backpack? purse

Myspace or Facebook? facebook

Parision or Sears? Sears? idk what Parision is

Spain or France? France

Milky Way or Snikers? Snickers

Vanilla or Chocoloate? Chocolate

Phone or Internet? Internet

Steak or Shrimp? Steak

School or Work? School

action or adventure? action

summer or winter? summer

sun or stars? stars

walk or run? walk

crunchy or creamy peanut butter? creamy

rings or necklaces? rings

camping out or slumber party? slumber party

white or dark chocolate? dark

night or day? day

soft candy or hard candy? soft

pencil or pen? pencil

pizza or chicken wings? pizza

spiderman or batman? batman

snow or rain? snow

fruit or vegetable? fruit

friends or family? family

sweet or sour? sweet

ocean or pool? ocean

baseball or football? football

dancing or singing? dancing

couch or chair? couch

hot chocolate or coffee? hot chocolate

white or wheat bread? wheat

rocky road ice cream or butter pecan? rocky road

pop tart or toaster strudel? pop tart

cake or pie? cake

pretzels or potato chips? pretzels

pickles or olives? olives

strawberries or blueberries? blueberries

blt or sloppy joes? blt

apple or grape juice? apple

oreos or chips ahoy? oreos

m&m or skittles? m&m

strawberry or grape jelly? grape

cheese or peperoni pizza? cheese

taco or burritos? burrito

cookies or candy? cookies

french toast or pancakes? french toast

twister or connect four? twister

gold or silver? silver

Collective Thoughts Of Awesome Randomness

I'm awake at 6:00 this morning and a little bored so I thought I would just type and say some things that come to mind....For some reason I wake up early here (It's weird but I kinda like it). Today is my Mom and Craig’s seventh wedding anniversary. The longest I’ve been with a guy has been in five month increments so seven years to me is like WOW! So congrats to the both of them on seven years. I raise my glass of orange juice to them :) I met up with a friend yesterday she was very nice to treat me to lunch at this amazing place called Paradise Bakery. Went into a new shop called Francesca’s. So many cute things!!! Seeing all the things that I’d really like to have is like driving me crazy to the point were I’m like I need a job now! There's so many things that I want to do and see and I know without money it can't be done so it's definitely time to start taking those stepping stones to where I want to be. Soon we will be looking for a church we were supposed to go looking but I don't know if we will or not. Personally I would like to get settled in the house first before I try to get settled into a church or it will just be mind overload. I've somehow managed to get stains on my two most used white tops so that kinda sucks! Hopefully i can get the stains out. Today I think we are going to go up to Scottsdale which I’m really excited about! I love exploring so being in Arizona is like being in a giant candy shop for me.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Only Two More Days

This week I took time to really eat healthy. I had a seven day meal plan and I only have two days left :) man today was hard though! So many cravings like pizza,chocolate and my peanut butter waffles :( I miss eating my waffles for breakfast. If there is anything I've learned from this it is that eating healthy can actually be pretty easy you just have to really look at what your eating. It has nothing to do with counting calories and much more looking deeper at the label or nutrition facts. I would much rather eat something that might have a few more calories in it but has less artificial sugars, preservatives, sodium and all that other stuff than something with less calories and tons of things that are bad for your body. So it's not like you can't have that cheesecake or chocolate chip cookie it's just a matter of looking at the facts and always choosing the better option....making your food at home helps too. I've also learned that chances are you can still eat the things you like just drink more water, take vitamins, and add more fruits and veggies to your diet :) A couple books that are good to read if your are interested in nutrition are Skintervention by Scott-Vincent Borba and The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder, C.N. So the biggest point is be a beautiful you...don't try so hard to be skinny or look like someone, just eat good, exercise, drink water, do things that make you happy and surround yourself with friends that make you smile. Ultimately take care of yourself and love yourself :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

At The Mall: Superstition Springs Center

Today was a good day for a break from unpacking...yes we are all still unpacking haha. So My mom, brothers, Cheyenne and I took a little trip to Superstition Springs Center. First off, this place has and indoor carousel which in my opinion is just way cool! I still love carousels :) Plus they had some more unique stores that were not back in Washington. Some of my favorites were Tilly's, where I actually purchased this adorable rose necklace,DownEast Basics..which reminded me of Romy back home,K-Momo, Papaya,Animal Kingdom ( Cutest Puppies ever!). There were a couple stores that i wanted to go in but didn't have time so I'll be sure to go back for sure! I had lunch for the first time at Chick-fil-A. I got a grilled chicken salad which i give a two thumbs up! Then at 2:30 we all went to see Rango at the Picture Show theater(which is a two dollar theater! Gotta love that). Honestly I wasn't into of the movie... I'm a big Johnny Depp fan so of course I had to see it! I actually fell asleep hahaha Over all another good day :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Unique Places: Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie is a fun little boutique style women's accessory shop founded in 2004. What's so fun and unique about this place? Everything is color coordinated! All earrings, necklaces, bracelets, handbags, scarves, belts and more are grouped together in sections by color. So if you are looking for a pink purse you would go to the pink section of the store. The prices are fairly reasonable too! I think that the way the store is set up is so fun, cute and makes it easier to shop in a way. The only thing that kinda sucks is they don't have an online store. Go to for more information and store locations and you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

R.I.P Bailey 1999-2011

It's hard for anyone to loose a family member or family pet. We had Bailey the family dog for 12 years; she recently went to live with my grandparents since we could no longer give her the proper care she deserved. They loved her just as much as we did but yesterday they had to make the hard decision to put her down. She was in a lot of pain the past couple of days so now she is at rest and no longer in pain. Some of my fondest memories of her include the many times I had friends over and she would try to untie their shoes, and just how playful she was up unto the last time I saw her. It's true that she could be very temperamental and stubborn but I loved her anyway. On another note I had my date last night. Originally we were going to go mini golfing but because of this crazy dust storm we instead played arcade games and laser tag, and then went to a rock climbing wall at his friend’s house. I had a good time but I don’t think this was a serious thing at all. We talked for hours but I still just got the friend vibe from him. I got more motivated though to get out and start to date more regularly...someday I will meet the guy of my dreams and I'm so excited to find him.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Finally Have Internet!

It's been an interesting last couple of days. I've been deprived of the internet for awhile which kinda sucked but was also sort of nice at the same time. So I got to the new place and I LOVE it! The only thing that's not very nice is the scorpians we found. We have an orange tree in the backyard which I guess scorpians like. It's creepy. I thought at first when I came down here I wouldn't know anyone but as it turns out an old friend lives here in AZ as well so she came over the other night to help us finish unpacking. Tomorrow will be my first date here and i'm not going to lie i'm a little a good way though. It should be exciting! I think we are going mini golfing so that should be fun since i've never done that before. I think it's fun to try new things too because it helps you grow and you gain new experiences. I'm also loving how there are so many things here like stores and restaurants that were not back home in Washington. I've also noticed I still call Washington home. I'm not sure if I will forever think of Washington as my home or if Arizona will turn into my new referance of home...I guess only time will tell. It takes awhile to get used to a place so i'm going to try my best to enjoy my time here no matter how long or short it may be.