Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Halloween is coming up and I got to thinking of how it felt when I was younger. It was such an exciting time dressing up, getting to go out with mom and dad and walking up to houses to say "Trick-or-Treat" and then a piece of candy would get put into my jack-o-lantern basket. Now im the one who gets to pass out candy. Honestly I love all holidays! There is something fun and unique about all of them. I love the decorations, the traditions, it's just fun. I was browsing the web and I thought i would share some fun links for everyone!

This page has tons of Halloween fun facts and trivia like did you know that chocolate candy bars top the list as the most popular candy for trick-or-treaters with Snickers being #1. The website also has pages on costume ideas, how to make fake blood, history of Halloween, fun pranks, recipes, a page about superstitions, omens, & myths, and also urban legends.

This website gives you Bat Theme Halloween Party Ideas, Glam Girls' Night Halloween Party Ideas, Halloween Paper Crafts, Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Shop Your Closet,Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids,Budget-Friendly Halloween Recipes and Tips from Shawn Rabideau,Handmade Halloween Invites,Scare Your Guests, Not Your Wallet: How to Throw a Budget Halloween Party,Sexy Homemade Halloween Costumes,Upscale Halloween Party for Adults, Halloween Safety Tips for Pets, Halloween Costume Ideas, and Group Halloween Costume Ideas.

This web site has tons of different Halloween recipes.

Here you can find Halloween Toys, Games & Novelties, Halloween Party Supplies & Decorations,Halloween Candy, Halloween Craft & Hobby Supplies, you can find some Halloween Costumes & Accessories, there are also links for free Halloween fun and a chance to win a $500 dollar gift card to help you throw your Halloween party.

Here is a website that helps you start the BOO-ing tradition in your neighborhood, workplace, or even apartment. It gives you instructions on how to do it, boo poems,boo signs to print, and a free printable boo kit to get you started.

Here is a website that helps you find Haunted Houses and fun Halloween attractions near you. There is a part for "Real" Haunted houses too. You can also look at reviews of places to find what you are looking for.

Then of course there is Spirit Halloween for all of your Halloween needs :) click Here for their website.

There are also tons of Halloween tutorials on youtube for Halloween costumes so be sure to browse youtube to help you get completed Halloween looks.


  1. fun! :) I am so excited for Halloween!! yayyy

  2. Thanks! I know I saw pumpkins in the store the other day and I just got so excited! :)